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IUBS conducts international collaborative research programmes in close cooperation with its Ordinary and Scientific Members. The topics of these programmes are selected on the basis of their originality and feasibility, as well as their relevance with respect to IUBS objectives, i.e. most importantly: their global scientific importance in the biological sciences and their potential to benefit from international participation. The General Assembly, convened every three years, decides on the basis of the priorities of the Union and of the recommendations of the reviewers and the Executive Committee, whether a given proposal is endorsed to become an IUBS programme.

Current IUBS Scientific Programmes are next:

> BCGC, Biological Consequences of Global Change.
> BioCode
> IUBS Commission for Biology Education
> IUBS Ethics Commission
> iCCB, integrated Climate Change Biology
> Integrative Genomics
> Biology and Traditional Knowledge

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Other activities conducted by IUBS are mainly based on inter-union cooperation.


The IUBS publishes progress reports and scientific results of its own programmes and research projects, besides offering assistance in the publication of the proceedings of workshops and meeting held under its auspices. IUBS publications also include the periodical of IUBS Biology International, publishes on a quarterly basis, as well as, the IUBS Monograph Series, the Methodology Manual Series, the Proceedings of the IUBS General Assemblies, and other.

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