International Union of Biological Sciences

Spanish National Committee








Benefits and Responsabilities

>> As an IUBS Ordinary Member

> Benefits

• Representation at IUBS General Assemblies and Scientific Symposia.
• Venues to inform governments, societies and individuals about international programmes.
• Grants to initiate international and interdisciplinary scientific activities.

• To guarantee the discussion and dissemination of international cooperation results, specially those obtained from the IUBS scientific programmes.
Facilitation of interaction between national and international organizations.
• Facilitation of liaisons between IUBS Ordinary and Scientific Members.
• Facilitation of cooperation with international agencies (e.g. UNESCO, WHO, UNEP, CBP, FAO) and NGOs.
• To endorse international conferences organization and their publications.
• Access to IUBS publications, as the "Biology Internacional" periodical, Monograph Series, Methodology Manual Series, and other.

> Responsabilities
• to encourage involvement in IUBS activities.
• to initiate programmes (as appropriate) for IUBS sponsorship or endorsement.
• to transmit suggestions, concerns and issues to the IUBS Executive Committee.  

>> As an ICSU Member

> Rights

• the MICINN inform national committees that make up the Spanish Commission of guidelines and priorities in the impulse and promotion of the scientific and technological Spanish system at the international level, as well as any other matter that the Chairman's opinion it is of interest to the Spanish Commission.
• The MICINN will hear the expert opinion of the Presidents of the national committees in the areas of its competence for the design of international scientific cooperation and technological development strategies.
• All national committees will have a direct link on the website of the MICINN in the section related to ICSU (heading "International cooperation") which will serve as a point of information and for the dissemination of news of interest.
• The SGPOI will be in charge of generating and preserve the historical memory of the Spanish Commission, through its file ICSU, receiving, registering and trying to complete all the relevant information of each Committee (reports. etc.).

> Responsibilities

• the MICINN may request the collaboration of the members of the Spanish Commission in the Organization of activities relating to the corresponding scientific field through the SGPOI.
• The MICINN will require the advice and cooperation of the national committees in the design of international scientific cooperation and technological development strategies.