International Union of Biological Sciences

Spanish National Committee








General Objectives of the IUBS Spanish Committee

The main objective of the National Committee of the IUBS is promoting initiatives and activities belonging to their scientific discipline, as well as coordinate and enhance their participation in international scientific programmes of the IUBS. Likewise, the Secretary of State's policy of science and technology can have first hand information from the prospective of the Spanish researchers working in the area. To this end, the specific objectives are as follows:

> Represent the Spanish scientific interest in the relevant forums.
> Inform the scientific community of the main research priorities within their area.
> Promoting the realization of initiatives and actions that contribute to increasing high-quality scientific research in Spain.
> Promote implementation scientific activities among Spanish research groups belonging to their discipline.
Encourage the participation of research groups and Spanish scientific societies in the area of biodiversity in nationally and internationally activities.
>Collaborate with MICINN in the implementation of the policy of scientific cooperation under the coordination of the SGPOI and support and advise the authorities on the design of the national priorities of scientific policy.
> Generate links that allow a better transfer of information between international IUBS and the Spanish scientific community, as well as, between it and the Spanish Committee of ICSU and the agencies that represents. .